System Interrupt Me! Blog Creation, Editing and Hosting

Building with Hugo, hosting with AWS Amplify

The System Interrupt Me! blog is now built using Hugo and hosted using AWS Amplify. George Cushen’s Academic theme for Hugo is used to set the style, and the content is written using Markdown. Source control is provided using AWS CodeCommit.

I use MultiMarkdown Composer with the pro upgrade to edit my Markdown content, and Marked 2 is used to render the pages as I edit.

The git command line utility, and SourceTree, are used for source control with AWS CodeCommit holding the repository. The beauty of git is that I can use either the git command line utility or SourceTree. They coexist happily together and I will often use both while working on the content. I have a dev branch so that I can edit the site, and locally test content using hugo server. When the content is ready to be deployed, dev is merged to master, and master is pushed to origin.

AWS Amplify is able to build a site using Hugo, then deploy and host the static website. Instructions on hosting a Hugo site with AWS Amplify can be found here. For this site, AWS Amplify is configured to deploy when changes are committed to the master branch in the AWS CodeCommit repository. I have configured a custom domain in the AWS Amplify App settings for and are mapped to the master branch.

The default configuration for the Academic theme results in the blog post summaries being truncated in the Recent Posts section on the Home page, and on the Recent Posts page. To display the summaries in full, the view parameter in the content/home/ and content/post/ files is set to the value 3.


  # Toggle between the various page layout types.  
  #   1 = List  
  #   2 = Compact  
  #   3 = Card  
  #   4 = Citation (publication only)  
  view = 3  


# View.  
#   1 = List  
#   2 = Compact  
#   3 = Card  
view: 3  

The summary text is included using the summary: metadata in the front matter of the blog post Markdown content. The metadata is described here.

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