Writing technical content in Academic

Academic is designed to give technical content creators a seamless experience. You can focus on the content and Academic handles the rest. Highlight your code snippets, take notes on math classes, and draw diagrams from textual representation.

System Interrupt Me! Blog Creation, Editing and Hosting

The System Interrupt Me! blog is now built using Hugo and hosted using AWS Amplify. George Cushen’s Academic theme for Hugo is used to set the style, and the content is written using Markdown. Source control is provided using AWS CodeCommit.

Writing content with Markdown, LaTeX, and Shortcodes

Content can be written using Markdown, LaTeX math, and Hugo Shortcodes. Additionally, HTML may be used for advanced formatting.

Markdown and Breaking the Page Metaphor

For those of you that don't realize it but care, this site is created using Octopress from the text-based content that I write using the Markdown syntax. And those of you that realize this is a site created using Octopress will know that I use Markdown syntax in the text-based content that I create for the posts.