Using Virtualisation In The Teaching Of Computer Forensics

This post describes how I use virtual machines to create exercises and assignments for the course I teach. The post also shows how the distribution of the virtual machines to the students allows them to take the skills they have learned in class away with them.

Octopress Blog Creation, Editing and Synchronization Across OS X and iOS - An Octopress Blog Tool Chain

I started this journey looking for a means to create a blog, in an OS X and iOS centric environment, that didn't involve using Wordpress or having to edit HTML directly (if I could help it.) That lead me to finding [Octopress](http://octopress.org) and in order to use Octopress I discovered [Markdown](http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/) and [git](http://git-scm.com). In this blog post I describe the processes I have for creating, editing, deploying, managing and controlling content for my Octopress blogs.