Updating Octopress On OS X 10.9 Mavericks & Restoring Colors & Fonts

I use Octopress to create a number of sites that I host on different domains. I always seem to have problems updating my Octopress site directories to the latest version of Octopress. In particular I keep losing the changes I have made to site colors and fonts. The updating has been further complicated on OS X 10.9 Mavericks as there is a problem when using Safari to preview sites via http://localhost. Combining the work of others with my own, I have finally worked out a way that I can make the Octopress update on Mavericks and restore my color and font changes.

Octopress Blog Creation, Editing and Synchronization Across OS X and iOS - An Octopress Blog Tool Chain

I started this journey looking for a means to create a blog, in an OS X and iOS centric environment, that didn't involve using Wordpress or having to edit HTML directly (if I could help it.) That lead me to finding [Octopress](http://octopress.org) and in order to use Octopress I discovered [Markdown](http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/) and [git](http://git-scm.com). In this blog post I describe the processes I have for creating, editing, deploying, managing and controlling content for my Octopress blogs.

Markdown and Breaking the Page Metaphor

For those of you that don't realize it but care, this site is created using Octopress from the text-based content that I write using the Markdown syntax. And those of you that realize this is a site created using Octopress will know that I use Markdown syntax in the text-based content that I create for the posts.

Octopress, GoSquared Analytics and Panic's Status Board

[GoSquared](https://www.gosquared.com/statusboard) provides widgets for use with Panic's iPad [Status Board app](http://panic.com/statusboard/) and [GoSquared](https://www.gosquared.com/r/ODc4Mjg4) also provide a free account for a single website. So I thought I would give their service a try using this Octopress site and Panic's [Status Board app](http://panic.com/statusboard/).

Octopress On OpenBSD

This is a reposting of my blog post from [systeminterrupt.net](http://systeminterrupt.net) which is the site created using Octopress running on an OpenBSD workstation in the manner described here.