Octopress, GoSquared Analytics and Panic's Status Board

GoSquared provides widgets for use with Panic’s iPad Status Board app and GoSquared also provide a free account for a single website. So I thought I would give their service a try using this Octopress site and Panic’s Status Board app.

Octopress comes built with the Google Analytics code ready to accept your Google Analytics ID. To add GoSquared analytics to your Octopress site is very straight forward:

  1. Create a GoSquared account;
  2. Add the GoSquared javascript to your Octopress site’s _includes/custom/after_footer.html so it looks something like this;

{% include_code after_footer.html lang:html %}

  1. Generate and deploy your site;
  2. Add the GoSquared widget(s) to your Panic Status Board;
  3. Watch your site statistics on your iPad!
Gareth Digby
Curriculum Architect

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