Octopress Blog Creation, Editing and Synchronization Across OS X and iOS - An Octopress Blog Tool Chain

I started this journey looking for a means to create a blog, in an OS X and iOS centric environment, that didn't involve using Wordpress or having to edit HTML directly (if I could help it.) That lead me to finding [Octopress]( and in order to use Octopress I discovered [Markdown]( and [git]( In this blog post I describe the processes I have for creating, editing, deploying, managing and controlling content for my Octopress blogs.

Installing Tiny Tiny RSS and Using It With iOS Devices

Individually checking each blog on the growing list of blogs that I follow was becoming tedious. So I thought I would use RSS feeds to get notified when new articles appeared. Within days of that epiphany, as I'm looking for a means to implement a solution, fellow [CALUG]( member Chuck Frain posted about TT-RSS as a potential solution to Google's announced closure of Google Reader. So I thought I would give TT-RSS a try.