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Markdown and Breaking the Page Metaphor

For those of you that don’t realize it but care, this site is created using Octopress from the text-based content that I write using the Markdown syntax. And those of you that realize this is a site created using Octopress will know that I use Markdown syntax in the text-based content that I create for the posts.

Following on from a discussion I had with a fellow member of INCOSE, I wrote him an note describing Markdown and the various tools that I use to create my Markdown content. While writing that note I had a bit of an epiphany and so, to quote myself:

Installing Tiny Tiny RSS and Using It With iOS Devices


Individually checking each blog on the growing list of blogs that I follow was becoming tedious. So I thought I would use RSS feeds to get notified when new articles appeared. Within days of that epiphany, as I’m looking for a means to implement a solution, fellow CALUG member Chuck Frain posted about TT-RSS as a potential solution to Google’s announced closure of Google Reader. So I thought I would give TT-RSS a try. This blog post describes my first tentative steps setting up my own RSS aggregator using TT-RSS on a Debian Linux shared hosting environment and then getting it working with OS X and iOS browsers. I gave a talk at CALUG on setting up TT-RSS based on this experience. You can find a copy of the presentation here.

Removing the Adobe Acrobat Plugin From Safari

If like me you are unfortunate enough to have colleagues that use the propriety features within Adobe Acrobat, such as digital signing, you eventually end up having to load Adobe Acrobat Reader on your beloved Mac. While telling Acrobat that it should not be the default application did stop it from being the default viewer for PDFs held in folders, Acrobat unilaterally decided it should replace Preview as the PDF viewer plugin in Safari and my other browsers. To remove the Acrobat browser plugin, I went to the folder /Library/Internet Plug-Ins and deleted any files that mention Adobe and/or PDF in the name. Restarting Safari, I had Adobe-free browsing again!

Running ClamAV on OS X Server Without Mail Server

I run OS X Server on my network and want to use ClamAV as my anti-virus software. ClamAV comes with OS X Server but is only enabled automatically if you run the Mail server. So I configured OS X Server to use ClamAV by manually enabling it.

Octopress on OpenBSD

[ This is a reposting of my blog post from which is the site created using Octopress running on an OpenBSD workstation in the manner described here.]

I agreed to give a talk at CapBUG on setting up and using Octopress to create a blog. Octopress uses Jekyll to let you create the pages and framework for a static website locally and then deploy the web site to a remote web server. You can find a copy of the presentation here

As Brandon Mathis’ tagline on the Octopress site says, this is “A blogging framework for hackers.” Fortunately I’d set up Octopress on Mac OS X Mountain Lion and understood how it worked. [That’s how this site, is created.] However I had never used OpenBSD or setup an OpenBSD system. So I decided to use my dilemma as a learning experience! Please don’t view this as a master class in setting up Octopress but more the public stumblings of a misguided soul! Here is what I learnt…

IPv4 and the Mayans

The exhaustion of the IPv4 address space is likely to be more catastrophic than the end of the Mayan calendar.